Free Ubuntu stickers

Ubuntu fan in the USA? You can get free Ubuntu case stickers!

System76, a PC manufacturer specialising in Ubuntu systems, is giving a free case sticker to United States residents who send in a stamped addressed envelope. System76’s Carl Richell says there’s no end in sight to the offer and they hope to extend it internationally.

Carl also told The Fridge about their new competition:

Put your sticker in the coolest place – take a picture – and post it. Everyone will get to vote on the best pic and the top ten winners get a System76 “Works Out of the Box” beer stein. Details will follow soon.

System76 has also made banners, featuring faux-quotes from historical figures. Our favourite has to be this odd one, which they attribute to Julius Caesar:

Rome wasn’t built in a day but it could have been with Ubuntu on System76.

Superb. Get your sticker.

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