Did that say Ubuntu?

Ubuntu isn’t just a great way to get more from your computer. Now it’s roadside art!

Eagle-eyed readers may have spotted blog posts with photos of an exceptionally good-looking billboard in the USA. The beige, the red, that friendly typeface – it all looks incredibly familiar!

With an awesome community, the best software and, of course, freedom for everyone, our pals at Canonical just couldn’t keep quiet any longer. Sometimes, a billboard by the side of a busy freeway is the best way to share your excitement. The recent release of Ubuntu Dapper – ideally suited for servers as well as desktops – provided a simple but powerful message: Ubuntu gives your server the same quality, usability and polish that have already made it the most popular Linux distribution on desktops and laptops around the world.

Keep an eye open for other places where we get to spread the Ubuntu love. The first person to spot the location of this particular billboard wins … the admiration of all your friends!

[Seen it? Tell other Ubunteros where you saw it]

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