System Administrator Appreciation Day

Today, Friday 28th July, is the Annual Sysadmin Appreciation Day, celebrating the hard work of the tireless, hard-working people who jump out of bed to the sound of their pagers vibrating at 03:00 in the morning. Instantly wide-awake, they enthusiastically hop and skip down to the data-centre to fix whatever is required (like happened this weekend!).

The Ubuntu servers are looked after by a valiant team of three. James Troup (lovely cuddly “elmo”) has been with Ubuntu since the project started and has also famously been Debian’s single-point-of-failure for the last decade. Karl Tilbury (“Znarl” on IRC) started along side James about a year ago and just recently in the last month, Nick Moffit (aka “Spads”) joined the crew. If you can spot them hiding out on the IRC channels be sure to wish them your best regards.

In celebration of the day, our friends over at the UKUUG have produced an animation to liven up the day and just in case you haven’t got proprietary Flash installed, you can download an OGG audio file to listen to.

Hugs, flowers, chocolates and kisses can be sent via Claire at the Canonical office.

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