Edubuntu Meeting Report

Here are the meeting notes from this week’s Edubuntu meeting held on September 28th:

  • Mauricio Hernandez has volunteered to get a design for Edubuntu 5.10 CDs sorted out. Idea is to use children in a ring image and logo etc. We need a CD label and a CD sleeve/cover. Note that as we have no LiveCD we will just have a single installer CD. Only Intel x86 CDs will be created for now.
  • Oliver Grawert is working on the high priority xscreensaver changes for Mark Shuttleworth, these should be completed by the end of the week.
  • Oliver Grawert will work on the remaining n3 Edubuntu issues after XSS, to be completed before October 13 for the release.
  • Jonathan Carter is working on the html pages, will have first draft ready by the end of this week.
  • Jerome Gotangco has worked on docs: About Edubuntu and Release Notes
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