Juicy Server Sweetness

HowtoForge have published a very thorough guide to setting up Ubuntu 5.04 in an ISP environment. It covers basic server installation, and major ISP services such as web, mail, DNS, FTP, databases, quotas, secure authentication, firewalling and hosting management. Meanwhile, check out Edd Dumbill’s LDAP-tastic step-by-step guide to LDAP authentication and management for UNIX and Samba users on Ubuntu systems. Craving more juicy server sweetness? Ubuntu quenches your thirst!

  • Upgrade on your terms: Each predictable and reliable 6 monthly release is bolstered with an 18 month support lifecycle for security updates and major bugfixes.
  • Security first: Strong emphasis on proactive security and reduced privileges by default.
  • Fast fixes: First class security fix response times.
  • Love you long time: Ubuntu 6.04 will have a 5 year support cycle for servers!
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