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Request for LoCo Council Nominations

We on the LoCo Council are being faced with the challenge of replacing two of our current Council members. A special thanks to Paolo and Greg for all of the great contributions they have made while serving with us on the LoCo Council. Towards the end of last October, we put out a call for […]

Membership changes to Community and LoCo Councils

Amber Graner has submitted her resignation to the Community Council due to other obligations. We will truly miss her presence on the Community Council would like to thank her for her work on the council these past few months and the work she continues to do in the Ubuntu community and beyond. As a result, […]

Greg Grossmeier and Sergio Andrés Meneses appointed to the LoCo Council

Paul Tagliamonte has announced his intent to step down from the Ubuntu LoCo Council. The Ubuntu Community Council would like to thank Paul for serving on the the LoCo Council. We would also like welcome Greg Grossmeier the LoCo Council. Greg Grossmeier – https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GregGrossmeier Many thanks again to Paul and congratulations to Greg. Originally posted […]