Monthly Archives: November 2010

Ubuntu Global Jam: Let’s Make This Rock

Every cycle we organize the Ubuntu Global Jam; an event in which our global community gets together to help make Ubuntu better. The Ubuntu Global Jam is a great opportunity to get together and meet other Ubuntu fans and contributors, make new friends in your area, and help to make the next Ubuntu release a […]

An Interview With cprofitt

I have to sincerely apologise for not getting these interviews out as often as I should. Luckily, I have a great one to start getting back on track – cprofitt is a hard-working, dedicated member of the community, his work in the Beginners Team (that which I had contact with, at least) is nothing short […]

Announcing the Next Ubuntu Bug Day – GNOME Power Manager – Thursday, November 18th, 2010!

This week’s Bug Day target is *drum roll please* GNOME Power Manager! The task is to assign to the right package and triage those as well: 50 New bugs need a hug 50 Incomplete bugs need a status check 50 Confirmed bugs need a review Bookmark it, add it to your calendars, turn over those […]

Monthly Team Reports: October 2010

== Monthly Team Reports: October 2010 == === Ubuntu Governance === ==== Americas Regional Membership Board ==== The approval results from the October 21st Americas Membership meeting are as follows: * Ahmed Kamal ( | ==== Developer Membership Board ==== ”’Developer Membership Board meeting 2010-10-11 19:00 UTC”’ * Chair: Michael Bienia * Present: Cody […]

Ubuntu Translations Interviews: Andrej Žnidaršič (Slovenian Translation Team)

Ubuntu is brought to users in their own language by a large community of dedicated volunteer translators, who tirelessly work on localizing every part of the Operating System release after release. In this series of interviews we’ll get to know who they are, about their language and how they work. This week we’re introducing you […]