Monthly Archives: November 2009

How to participate remotely and get your points heard

Aloha, so UDS is around the corner and I’ll be attending it. I’m really looking forwarding to meeting some of the folks that I met last May and also new people. UDS Lucid is taking place in Dallas Texas, which is going to be 6 hours behind Irish time folks. But that shouldn’t be a […]

Creating a roadmap for more successful teams

One of the challenges that every community faces, particularly teams inside a larger community, is the ability to coordinate what goals and ambitions the team is going to work on. Traditionally this has always been somewhat ad-hoc: people join a team and work on whatever they feel like. Ideas are ten-a-penny though. For most teams […]

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #167

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #167 for the week November 1st – November 7th, 2009 is available. In this issue we cover: * Lucid open for development * Ubuntu Open Week review * Updating the Ubuntu Code of Conduct * Ubuntu Marketing Team revival and SpreadUbuntu * Ubuntu Stats * LoCo News: Tunisia, […]

Ubuntu Open Week in a Nutshell

Ever wonder what all the excitement about? Did you miss a day of Ubuntu Open Week or maybe a session you really wanted to participate in? Let’s review this week of EDUCATIONAL EXCITEMENT, COLLABORATIVE CURRCULA, and INCLUSIVE INSTRUCTION. Ubuntu Open Week had 40 hours of session, with each session hovering at about 300 people per […]

Lucid open for development

I’m happy to report that the Lucid Lynx is now open for uploads. We do not recommend that users upgrade to Lucid at this time; it is likely to be in very considerable flux until the initial round of merges is complete. As ever, any developers wishing to take the plunge at this early stage […]