Monthly Archives: March 2009

Ubuntu 9.04 Free Culture Showcase Winners!

This is the competition in which creative types can submit their work for inclusion in the Examples/ folder of the next edition of Ubuntu. In this competition we expanded the Audio and Video categories to also include a Graphic/Photo category too. We netted a fantastic range of entries and many great submissions! Our submissions list […]

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #134

The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #134 for the week of March 15th- March 21st, 2009 is now available. In this Issue: * Ubuntu 9.04 Beta Freeze in effect * LoCo Team information request * Ubuntu Server: KVM call for testing * MOTU Release Charter * QA Team next testing day * Ubuntu Drupal 6.3.0 released […]

Interviews with Jono Bacon

Jono Bacon, the Ubuntu community manager, was recently interviewed by OStatic and LinuxQuestions. The OStatic interview discusses Jono’s approach to handling and directing the growth of the community. Jono talks about the need for appropriate change as a community gains more members and how the Code of Conduct is a symbol of respect and responsible […]

Ubuntu Drupal 6.3.0 Released

The Ubuntu Drupal team has officially released their 6.3.0 package. What we’ve done for this release: * This package contains fixes for every reported issue * The theme has been completely cleaned and organized * Significantly improved OpenID modules * Alpha release of the Planet module * Fully working IE6/7 patches (yes… i know) * […]

Ubuntu-India Re-Launches User Forums

The Ubuntu Indian team was founded in February 2006 and celebrated its 3rd anniversary last month. Since the very beginning, it has been growing gradually and now has over 1000 members (and counting). The community is managed by a team of enthusiastic individuals, Ubuntu Members and MOTUs. They are responsible for maintaining the mailing list, […]