Monthly Archives: March 2007

Ubuntu helping in the fight against AIDS

iDart, or the intelligent Dispensing of Antiretroviral Treatment, is a pharmacy system written in Java that is used at antiretroviral (ARV) pharmacies. Initiated in 2004 as a partnership between Cell-Life and the Desmond Tutu HIV foundation, iDart is in use as five different locations around South Africa aiding in the treatment of over 8,500 HIV+ […]

Ubuntu conference in Croatia

On March 31 2007 Zagreb will host the first Ubuntu conference in Croatia. During this conference you will be able to find out everything you wanted to know about Ubuntu Linux and discover business possibilities while talking with representatives from Canonical and Croatian companies dealing with Ubuntu. Lecturers will include Mario Splivalo (Ubuntu-hr), Filip Skoblar […]

Feisty translations now open!

Ubuntu Feisty translations are now open in Launchpad! The Launchpad team have imported existing translations both from Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) and directly from upstream projects. You can see how much of each language remains untranslated on the Feisty translations overview page. During the import, there were some problems converting from’s language pack format to […]

Ubuntu Weekly News: Issue #31

Issue #31 of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, covering the week of March 1st to March 10th, is now available. In this issue you can find these stories: Linspire now based on Ubuntu Statistics of Ubuntuforums Ohio US Team approved and official Weekly Quiz Update Upcoming meetings and events 6.06 & 6.10 updates and security notices […]

The French Parliament switches to Kubuntu

The French Parliament looks to be the next big organisation to switch to one of the Ubuntu family, in this case Kubuntu. Recently the Parliament produced an official government report that recommended the use of free software over proprietary software. The switch to free software is expected to provide a substantial savings to the tax-payers […]