Mark Shuttleworth 在 北京 in China 今天 !

Join Mark Shuttleworth in Beijing to celebrate Edgy!

Amy Jiang of Ubuntu-China has let us know that Mark Shuttleworth will be in Beijing for the Ubuntu 6.10 (codenamed Edgy Eft) release party. The key date is 2006-11-02, starting at 19:00.

The party, with a chance to meet and hear the SABDFL speak, is being held at the Automation Research lab. If you’re wondering how to get there, excellent directions and a map are available for everyone.

The Ubuntu China team have arranged the whole Beijing release event, even deciding to get Ubuntu 6.10 CDs produced locally based on their own cover-art. Accompanying the CD-ROMs are a pair of exclusive T-shirts and sweaters/hoodies specific to the release. Following the codename of Ubuntu 6.10, the designs feature a large eft, or newt, on the back. Balancing up the front is a smaller motif with the familiar Linux for Human Beings slogan.

Here at Fridge Central we’re jealously awaiting getting our hands on one of those limited edition garments. If you’re are one of those lucky Ubunteros who manage to make your way to the Beijing release party, please send us back a t-shirt! We’re certainly looking forward to the photographs afterwards.

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