Monthly Archives: September 2006

dholbach – Ubuntu developer – interviewed

Daniel Holbach (aka dholbach), one of the lead developers working in the Ubuntu Desktop team, has been speaking to BehindUbuntu. Now, when you meet Daniel at conferences, you can compete with other people to see who knows most about him. I’ve got my own notes here, written on my arm: Has dog, called Murphy Likes […]

Software Freedom Day this Saturday!

Two important events take place each September: Talk Like a Pirate Day Software Freedom Day. Every day deserves a little “Yaaarrrr!”, as far as we're concerned, so we turn our attention to Software Freedom Day, instead. The Software Freedom Day website explains it best: Software Freedom Day is a worldwide celebration of Free and Open […]

Upstream Hug Day – September 13, 2006

Ubunteros squash those bugs Most of the software contained in K/Ubuntu started life in other projects. We call these original projects “Upstream projects”, because of the similarity to a river starting off in the mountains “upstream” and flowing downwards, gaining momentum as the water spreads out to the distributions, of which Ubuntu is one. Simon […]

Ubuntu Developer Summit Mountain View!

UDS Paris: Ubunteros and Developers gathered in France As time rolls on and the release of Edgy as Ubuntu 6.10 draws ever closer, discussion and planning of the next Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) has begun. At the summit, “Edgy+1” (the version of Ubuntu following 6.10) will be discussed, planned, debated and documented. We have been […]

Cook up your Edgy recipes for next Official Ubuntu Book

Ubuntu chef? Get cooking those new recipes For a few weeks now, the Official Ubuntu Book has been released, and the reaction has been incredibly positive. The book is available in print as well as under a free license. Some chapters of the book are even included in Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, click System→Help→Ubuntu Book Except). […]