Monthly Archives: March 2006

Let Them Eat Cake

Fridge undercover reporter Jonathan Carter reports that the Ubuntu cake war is on! What is it about Ubuntu that inspires such delicious sugary treats? Only Fabio has made Ubuntu Bolognese. What will be next — an Ubuntu layered cocktail? Breakfast cereal? Soup? Now there’s a challenge. Update: Gauntlet thrown, challenge met!

Quintet rushes to Network Manager Glory

NetworkManager is a tool that was designed to make managing wireless networks easy, particularly for laptop users. Unfortunately the tool has always needed some work to get it working right in Ubuntu, seemingly always releasing at the most inopportune time in relation to the Ubuntu schedule, or depending on some development driver in a far […]

Change to release schedule for Dapper

While the change in schedule has been publicized throughout the web, sabdfl just made the official announcement detailing the six week delay in the Dapper release. The exact schedule has already been posted. The magic day is now June 1st 2006, so keep the beer chilled for just a bit longer. Note that: This is […]

Heavy Metal for Niagara

Fabio Massimo Di Nitto, leader of the Ubuntu Server Team and community SPARC port, has announced that Ubuntu is now available for testing on Sun's new Niagara machines. Fabio thanked kernel hacker David S. Miller for his work on Linux support for Niagara, and a number of Ubuntu developers for their expert help and assistance […]

Distribution of the Year

Ubuntu has won Distribution of the Year in the 2005 Members Choice Awards, an annual poll of the user support website's forum members. We'd like to thank the academy– wait, no, that's a totally different award. We'd like to thank the readers of for supporting Ubuntu!