Monthly Archives: December 2005

CC and Accessibility Team Meeting Summaries

Dennis Kaarsemaker once again brings us the latest summary of the Community Council meetings, this one is for the 6th of December. Community volunteers who sign the Code of Conduct are now officially referred to as “Ubunteros” instead of “Ubuntites”. The Council also approved new members Mauricio Hernandez, Jordan Mantha, Chris Peterman, Kevin Cole, and […]

Macedonia Deployment Follow Up

In October we reported on the 5,000 desktop deployment of Ubuntu in Macedonia. The latest issue of the GNOME Journal has an interview with Darko Arso, Technology Integration Manager at the Education Development Center, on why they chose GNOME running on Ubuntu. While you’re there you might want to check out the Journal’s extensive review […]

Instructional Videos from WVU ACM

Chris Del Checcolo and Ricky Hussmann from the West Virginia University Student Chapter of the ACM have put together an awesome set of instructional videos that feature Ubuntu. Ubuntu Linux / Windows Dual Boot Instructional Video Installing Software on Ubuntu Linux Warning: Soundtrack contains gratuitous use of Survivor and Styx. [Discuss]

MOTU Report – Issue 10

The inimitable Daniel Holbach has posted the latest status report from the MOTU team. Highlights include merge updates from Dapper, a new logo contest, and a look at the MOTU Science team. The ranks continue to swell with the announcement of four newly minted MOTUs: Benjamin Montgomery, Zak B. Elep (zakame), Loic Pefferkorn (pef), and […]

Everybody Loves…

Everybody loves LugRadio, right…?