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New IRC Council Member: Jussi Kekkonen (Tm_T)

Back in May Alan Bell of the IRC Council put out a call for nominations to fill the fifth seat seat on the IRC Council. Nominees were collected and on June 7th a poll was sent out to members of the Ubuntu IRC community to vote on the nominees. The poll closed yesterday, results are […]

Ubuntu IRC Council Position

There is currently an empty virtual seat on the IRC Council and we are now accepting nominations to fill it. If you are an Ubuntu Member with a competent technical knowledge of IRC, a passion for IRC and a willingness to help maintain effective governance of our IRC community then you could be the leader […]

Call for IRC operators

The IRCC is now taking applications for a number of new operator positions across several channels. * #ubuntu * #ubuntu-offtopic * #kubuntu * #kubuntu-offtopic * #edubuntu * #ubuntu-mythtv * #xubuntu * #xubuntu-offtopic * #ubuntu-bots * #ubuntustudio * #ubuntu-server * #lubuntu * #lubuntu-offtopic (that is everything except #ubuntu-meeting #ubuntu-ops #ubuntu+1 which have slightly different rules) If […]

New IRC Council

First off, on behalf of the Community Council, thanks to everyone who participated in voting on the nominees. The showing of support for the proposed candidates was very valuable. As a result of a majority of support for the proposed candidates and support from the CC, the IRC Council now consists of the following members: […]

Ubuntu IRCC Nominations

As the terms of 3 out of 5 IRC Council members ending and one member is stepping down, the Ubuntu Community Council feel it’s best to re-elect the whole IRC Council. To that end, nominations for places on the Ubuntu IRC Council are now being taken. If you are interested in the Ubuntu IRC community, […]

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