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IRC Council Election Results

Thank you all for your participation in a successful election process. Three candidates were chosen from a field of five for a two-year term. The poll has ended and the results are available here: Please welcome Unit193 to the IRCC and congratulate hggdh and Tm_T on their re-elections. Also, please thank Na3iL and rww […]

Ubuntu IRCC Nominations 2016

The current IRC council has 3 members whose 2 year terms are ending. This means it is now election season. Details about the IRC Council and its charter may be viewed here. Council members normally serve a two year term, and may stand for multiple terms. From the wiki page the election process is as […]

Nominations open for two positions on the Ubuntu IRC Council

We are opening nominations for two positions on the Ubuntu IRC Council. We are filling in slots opened by resignations (IdleOne resigned last year, and AlanBell just announced to us he is resigning). We felt we could still perform with four members of the council but not with just three. Details of the IRC Council […]

Alternate Meeting Channel

Over the past several years the Ubuntu community has grown to encompass projects that range a variety of teams that work on everything from tablets to servers. We’ve recently been seeing an increase in meeting time collisions among teams, so we’ve decided to go ahead and open an alternate meeting channel called #ubuntu-meeting-2 where teams […]

Announcing the new Ubuntu IRC Council

The poll of Ubuntu IRC Members closed today and the following nominees have been elected to the Ubuntu IRC Council: Alan Bell (AlanBell) Benjamin Rubin (Pici) Jussi Kekkonen (Tm_T) Giovanni Chiazzese (Idleone) C de-Avillez (hggdh) Congratulations to the new IRC Council Members! And thanks to Neal and Nathan for standing for election. Originally posted to […]

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