Google Code-In Wrap-up

As you may have already heard, Google announced the winners for GCI 2015, including those from ubuntu. Overall, we had a total of 215 students finish more than 500 tasks for ubuntu! The students made contributions to documentation, created wallpapers and other art, fixed Unity 7 issues, hacked on the core apps for the phone, performed tests, wrote automated and manual tests, and worked on tools like the qatracker. I’d like to personally thank all the mentors and students for a job well done!

Here’s our winners!

  • Daniyaal Rasheed
  • Matthew Allen

And our Finalists

  • Evan McIntire
  • Girish Rawat
  • Malena Vasquez Currie

Everyone in the top ten did excellent work, and it was very hard to decide on five finalists, and even harder to choose only two to win. In recognition of their accomplishments, I’m sharing the entire top ten list:

  • MatthewAllen
  • malevasquez
  • Girish Rawat
  • Aditya
  • Alex Dueppen
  • xcub
  • fazerlicourice71256
  • McIntireEvan
  • Hunter Jarrell
  • Ayush

Well done to all of you!

The finalists will receive some goodies from Google including a t-shirt, certificate and hoodie. In addition, the two winners will receive a trip to Google HQ this June as part of the prize. I hope we get a writeup of the trip (hint,hint!)!

Thanks again everyone for their hard work!

Originally posted to the ubuntu-community-team mailing list on Wed Feb 10 21:29:16 UTC 2016 by Nicholas Skaggs

New Ubuntu Flavours download page

Last year the Community Council heard from some of you that you wanted your flavour to be more easily discovered on the download page of Since then we have worked with Canonical’s design team to produce a design and content for that page.

I am pleased to tell you that it has now been published at, along with a new row on that links to that page.

The links for each flavour points to your respective homepages. If you would like the link to go directly to some other page, please file a bug on for the web team, requesting the change.

If you have any questions about this, or for anything else the Community Council can do to help support and promote your work with Ubuntu, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Originally posted to the xubuntu-devel mailing list on Tue Feb 9 20:34:10 UTC 2016 by Michael Hall

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 453

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. This is issue #453 for the week February 1 – 7, 2016, and the full version is available here.

In this issue we cover:

The issue of The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is brought to you by:

  • Elizabeth K. Joseph
  • Paul White
  • Simon Quigley
  • Thomas Ward
  • Walter Lapchynski
  • And many others

If you have a story idea for the Weekly Newsletter, join the Ubuntu News Team mailing list and submit it. Ideas can also be added to the wiki!

Except where otherwise noted, content in this issue is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License BY SA Creative Commons License

Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) End of Life reached on February 4 2016

This is a follow-up to the End of Life warning sent last month to confirm that as of today (February 4, 2016), Ubuntu 15.04 is no longer supported. No more package updates will be accepted to 15.04, and it will be archived to in the coming weeks.

The original End of Life warning follows, with upgrade instructions:

Ubuntu announced its 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) release almost 9 months ago, on April 23, 2015. As a non-LTS release, 15.04 has a 9-month month support cycle and, as such, the support period is now nearing its end and Ubuntu 15.04 will reach end of life on Thursday, February 4th. At that time, Ubuntu Security Notices will no longer include information or updated packages for Ubuntu 15.04.

The supported upgrade path from Ubuntu 15.04 is via Ubuntu 15.10. Instructions and caveats for the upgrade may be found at:

Ubuntu 15.10 continues to be actively supported with security updates and select high-impact bug fixes. Announcements of security updates for Ubuntu releases are sent to the ubuntu-security-announce mailing list, information about which may be found at:

Since its launch in October 2004 Ubuntu has become one of the most highly regarded Linux distributions with millions of users in homes, schools, businesses and governments around the world. Ubuntu is Open Source software, costs nothing to download, and users are free to customise or alter their software in order to meet their needs.

Originally posted to the ubuntu-security-announce mailing list on Fri Feb 5 03:54:55 UTC 2016 by Adam Conrad, on behalf of the Ubuntu Release Team

Ubuntu Online Summit: 3-5 May 2016

[T]he next Ubuntu Online Summit is going to be from 3rd – 5th May 2016, which is going to two weeks after 16.04 release.

Summit and related pages will be updated in due time.

Originally posted to the community-announce mailing list on Wed Feb 3 10:07:47 UTC 2016 by Daniel Holbach

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