Monthly Archives: July 2009

Launchpad is now open source

Hi everyone — Launchpad is now open source. Huge congrats (and thanks) to the Canonical Launchpad team, who worked overtime to make this happen sooner rather than later. Note that although we announced previously that we’d be holding back two components (codehosting and soyuz), we changed our minds :-). They are opened too — all […]

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #151

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #151 for the week July 12th – July 18th, 2009 is available. In this issue we cover: * Ubuntu 8.04.3 released * Kubuntu Council * Kubuntu Wiki * Technical Board Nominations * Karmic Translations Now Open * New Ubuntu Members * Ubuntu Stats * Ubuntu Zimbabwe * Empathy […]

Mono packaging: quick, easy, and awesome

In this week’s Packaging Training Session Jo Shields (directhex), of the Debian/Ubuntu Mono team, will be explaining how to package Mono applications and libraries. Come to #ubuntu-classroom on at 16th July, 18:00 UTC to find out more. [Discuss this Packaging Training Session on the Forums] Originally posted by James Westby here on July 15, […]

Karmic Translations Are Now Open

We are pleased to announce that Karmic is now open for translation. You can now go to to start translating Ubuntu Karmic into your language. This will be the first Ubuntu release to feature message sharing functionality, which will initially allow Jaunty and Karmic translations to be shared on a template and message basis. […]

Technical Board: Nominations

The Ubuntu Technical Board intends to grow its membership from the current four seats to six. All but one of these seats (the recently elected Colin Watson) will be up for election for a period of two years. All Ubuntu developers are eligible to vote. The nomination period runs from now until 1400 UTC on […]