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Ubuntu Membership Board call for nominations

As you may know, Ubuntu Membership is a recognition of significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community. To this end, the Community Council recruits members of our current membership community for the valuable role of reviewing and evaluating the contributions of potential members to bring them on board or assist with having […]

Call for nominations for the Technical Board

The current 2-year term of the Technical Board is over, and it’s time for electing a new one. For the next two weeks (until January 19) we are collecting nominations, then our SABDFL will shortlist the candidates and confirm their candidacy with them, and finally the shortlist will be put to a vote by ~ubuntu-dev. […]

Community Council Call for Nominations

All 7 elected Community Council member terms expire in November of this year. We are going to have an election to restaff in a few weeks where all Ubuntu Members will be eligible to vote. We will announce the details of the election soon. What we want from you now is nominations! If you know […]

Call for nominations for the LoCo Council

As you may know the LoCo council members are set with a two years term, due this situation we are facing the difficult task of replacing Marcos and Pablo A special thanks to both Marcos and Pablo for all of the great contributions they made while serving with us on the LoCo Council. So with […]

Ubuntu Membership Board call for nominations extended

Back on February 17th I put out a call for nominations for the Ubuntu Membership Board. Unfortunately we have not gathered enough applicants yet to meet our criteria for staffing the board. As I mentioned in my prior call, this is a valuable role for both the applicant and our community as we recognize the […]
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