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Vacant Developer Membership Board seat filled

The vote closed yesterday[0]. The results were: Barry Warsaw (~barry) Andrew Mitchell (~ajmitch) Charlie Smotherman (~cjsmo) None Of The Above The new member of the Developer Membership Board is Barry Warsaw (~barry) whose appointment was confirmed at the meeting yesterday. Please join me in welcoming Barry to our team. The Developer Membership board would like […]

Edubuntu Council Elections

The Edubuntu Council is up for re-election. If you’d like to nominate an Edubuntu Member for the Council, please confirm with the person that he or she is willing to stand and then post the nomination to either Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) or to the Edubuntu Developers list. The newly elected council term is for 2 […]

Technical Board 2011

After the recent poll of Ubuntu developers I’m delighted to introduce the Technical Board 2011-2013. I think it’s worth noting that three of the members of this generation of technical leaders are not Canonical employees, though admittedly they are all former members of that team. I think there’s cause for celebration on both fronts: broader […]

Developer Membership Board vote results

The vote ended on 2011-02-14 as no official announcement of the vote results was done yet, I want to catch up on it. The result of the vote is: Emmet Hikory (persia) Michael Bienia (geser) Stéphane Graber (stgraber) Iain Lane (Laney) Makenzie Morgan (maco) Cody Somerville (cody_somerville) The current Developer Membership Board members are: Benjamin […]

Call for Nominations for the Developer Membership Board

Call for Nominations for the Developer Membership Board The terms of 6 of the 7 members of the Developer Membership Board shall soon expire, and new members must be selected. The DMB is responsible for reviewing and approving new Ubuntu developers, meeting for about an hour once a fortnight. Candidates should be Ubuntu developers themselves, […]
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