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Stefano Rivera is now part of the DMB

Over the last few months, the Developer Membership Board has been unable to get in touch with one of their member, Emmet Hikory (persia). In an effort to ensure quorum at the DMB meetings, the Technical Board accepted the suggestion of the DMB to get a new member to fill in until Emmet can be […]

Vacant Developer Membership Board seat filled

This vote was closed some time ago. My apologies for being slow in announcing the result. The results of the poll are Micah Gersten (micahg) Stefano Rivera (tumbleweed) Dave Walker (Daviey) Charlie Smotherman (porthose) Therefore, the new member of the Developer Membership Board is Micah Gersten (micahg) whose appointment was confirmed at the meeting on […]

Developer Membership Board vote results

The vote ended on 2011-02-14 as no official announcement of the vote results was done yet, I want to catch up on it. The result of the vote is: Emmet Hikory (persia) Michael Bienia (geser) St├ęphane Graber (stgraber) Iain Lane (Laney) Makenzie Morgan (maco) Cody Somerville (cody_somerville) The current Developer Membership Board members are: Benjamin […]

Becoming an Ubuntu Developer: a short guide

I’ve heard and/or read a number of complaints over the past while about how the process of becoming an Ubuntu Developer is difficult, so I thought I’d write up a short guide to one of the many paths to becoming a developer. I send this to the Ubuntu Developers list for maximum distribution, although I […]

Call for Nominations for the Developer Membership Board

Call for Nominations for the Developer Membership Board The terms of 6 of the 7 members of the Developer Membership Board shall soon expire, and new members must be selected. The DMB is responsible for reviewing and approving new Ubuntu developers, meeting for about an hour once a fortnight. Candidates should be Ubuntu developers themselves, […]
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