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Announcing The 10.10 Ubuntu Developer Summit

I am tickled pink to announce the details of the next Ubuntu Developer Summit taking place at Dolce La Hulpe Hotel and Resort in Brussels, Belgium from the 10 – 14 May 2010. The Ubuntu Developer Summit one of the most important events in the Ubuntu calendar and at it we discuss, debate and design […]

Interview With Melissa

Melissa Draper: I am Australian. I have lived my entire life in NSW, but I was born in Victoria. Once upon a time I wanted to be an environmental scientist, but during one of the projects for a related course, I ended up with the task to create a website. I learned HTML one weekend, […]

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #180

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. This is Issue #180 for the week February 7th – February 13th, 2010 and is available here. In this issue we cover: * Ubuntu Opportunistic Developer Week: Call For Participation! * Interview With Jono by Joe Barker * Interview with Dustin Kirkland, Ubuntu Core Developer about encryption in Ubuntu […]

Creating a roadmap for more successful teams

One of the challenges that every community faces, particularly teams inside a larger community, is the ability to coordinate what goals and ambitions the team is going to work on. Traditionally this has always been somewhat ad-hoc: people join a team and work on whatever they feel like. Ideas are ten-a-penny though. For most teams […]

Ubuntu Open Week in a Nutshell

Ever wonder what all the excitement about? Did you miss a day of Ubuntu Open Week or maybe a session you really wanted to participate in? Let’s review this week of EDUCATIONAL EXCITEMENT, COLLABORATIVE CURRCULA, and INCLUSIVE INSTRUCTION. Ubuntu Open Week had 40 hours of session, with each session hovering at about 300 people per […]

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