New Operators

Hi All,

I am pleased to bring you the results of the current recruitment drive. After consultation with our existing ops, we would like to appoint the following people:

For #ubuntu-ops:

For #ubuntu

For #ubuntu-offtopic

Please join us in #ubuntu-ops as soon as you can.

We would like to thank all the applicants who applied.

We would also like to take this opportunity to re-open the application period for #ubuntu-ops (which is open only to current operators). We received only one application this time around, and we feel that more operators are still needed, so please feel free to apply. You can find the procedure here: (if you had forgotten already).

We look forward to seeing the new ops, and seeing lots of applications for the positions in #ubuntu-ops

Originally sent to the ubuntu-irc mailing list by Benjamin Rubin on Mon Nov 22 22:59:16 GMT 2010

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